'63 SW Progress
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This is a progress report document, where travel preparation can be tracked.

Progress Section

* Purchased three more cans of carb cleaner, just to have on the trip.  Picked up another case of Syntec.  Picked up a spare fuel filter, as I'd scrapped the one in the new fuel pump.
* Cleaned the engine bay again, since replacing the valve cover gasket.
* Drove it 100 miles with no major problem; it looks good to go tomorrow.
* Blew two cans of carb cleaner through the fuel line from the front to the back, with both ends open.
* Vacuumed all the detritus from the interiour again.

* Purchased some trip supplies, borrowed air tank again, picked up yet more carb cleaner.
* Blew compressed air through the fuel line, from the fuel pump back to the tank.  No appreciable difference in performance.
* Removed fuel pickup.  Screen clogged, float has a leak and has fuel in it.  Then I reached inside the tank, and it had a LOT of mud in it.  Removed gas tank.  The six gallons of gas in it was muddy colored, and I removed over a gallon of rusty solids.  See the bottom of the Filler Hose page
* Went to junkyard, found replacement float.
* Remounted gas tank, put two gals in, drove to gas station.  Under hard acceleration, it still tends to stall.
* Filled tank to 1/2, drove like a demon on the remote freeway.  Runs OK, but misses at 90 mph (indicated; feels more like 80 mph), and it still feels like a fuel problem.  I'll borrow an air tank and blow the fuel line with it tomorrow, this time with it disconnected on both ends.  I've pulled the fuel pickup back out and will clean it again.  The high speed run I did with the driver's fresh air vent open, and an incredible amount of leaves, rat's nest, misc. debris homogenized themselves all over me and the seats.  Another vacuum job tomorrow.
* Replaced valve cover gasket.  I admit that I didn't do my usual stellar job on this, as scraping and cleaning valve covers is one of my least favorite chores.  I gave it the basic 1/2 hour cleaning.  There was significant chunks of hardened, broken valve stem seals laying about the valve gear, maybe enough pieces for three or more complete seals.  All these do is reduce oil consumption, so it won't affect the running, but as you're going to be driving this car a bit, you might consider having the head rebuilt sooner rather than later, with the modern, hardened valve seats that work OK with unleaded fuel.

* Washed the wagon again
* Drove it 180 miles (to Mom's and back).  It ran terrible.  The pickup in the tank (or, possibly, the line from the fuel pump to the tank) is plugged.  I can just barely blow through it at the fuel pump end.  Tomorrow I'll figure out which.
* Fuel gauge will not rise above 1/4
* Valve cover gasket leaks.  Timing chain cover leaks.
* Reinstalled new fuel pump
* Replaced headlight switch
* Replaced carb needle/seat & adjusted (1" for composite float: perfect).
* Replaced carb accel pump diaphragm & dashpost diaphragm
* Installed radio
* Replaced fuel tank filler hose.
* Drove 15 miles
* Mailed Mac's cores back
* Purchased carb kit & headlight switch from NAPA; both were in stock!
* Talked to vendor about radio's Q4 emitter/collector location; replacement part lead ID vague.

* Replaced fuel line from tank to steel line on body.
* Performed fuel pump capacity test on old pump: OK.  Will swap the new pump back in later.
* Removed the top of the carb, found welch plug from power valve wet section sitting in bowl.  Cleaned bowl as possible with aerosol carb cleaner, reinstalled and staked welch plug.  Test drive: a bit "surgy" but doesn't die any longer.  Now accel pump diaphragm is leaking .  Carb is manual choke model "C3OF  AL A 3FD".
* Dash lights died after using headlight switch to turn on dome lights.  Tested: bad headlight switch. C4DZ-11654-A, $18.50 from FE, $17.95 from Mac's.
* Defrost cable housing came loose from mounting.  Can't find a source, doesn't look like an easy fix.
* Turn signals don't cancel from right turn.  C3OZ-13341-B, $65.95 from Mac's, $46 from FE.
* Horn doesn't work?  Or maybe is inconsistent?  I have to check.
* Removed, cleaned, reinstalled transmission mount.  I needed to check to see if it was cracked up on top.  Looks good.
* Ordered fuel filler hose ($34.70)& filler gasket ($2.50) from Falcon Ent.  In stock, shipped 2-day, should arrive Tue, 22-Aug.
* Booked a return flight: Sunday, 03-Sep, Frontier Airlines 797, leaving OHare at 6:55p
* Finished brakes: bled, installed stop switch.  They work great.
* Took it up the street on "maiden voyage".  It died, fuel starvation for sure (choke varied the symptom).  Limped it home, swapped the old fuel pump back in, still starved for fuel.  Tomorrow I'll replace the 3" fuel line at the tank.  Probable clogged tank screen or air leak in the feed line.
* The fuel tank's fill hose is shot, has a hole in it.  We will need to get it replaced for sure.  Because I'd never put fuel in it (or driven it, really) it didn't leak, as it's had a 1/4 tank of fuel since I bought it.
* Installed wheel cyls: RF, both rear
* Installed LF brake hose
* Installed LF brake parts, both rear brake parts
* Replaced LR axle seal
* Repacked front wheel brgs, mounted all drums
* Confirmed reason for rear axle seal fitment issue: it appears that this is a sedan rear end.
* Replaced the u-joints, reinstalled the driveshaft, greased u-joints, ran it on jack stands.  There is more driveshaft rumble than I expected, but I may be out of touch with what's normal for this rig.
* Picked up correct rear axle seals: CR11553 w/2.035" OD.
* Picked up correct grease for u-joints & wheel bearings.
* Installed RR axle seal: fits like it should!
* Installed new antenna
* Assembed RF brake shoes
* Removed driveshaft for u-joint replacement; the u-joints are worse than I thought.
* Cleaned the remainder of the brake parts
* Installed rear brake hose
* Ordered correct rear axle seals from NAPA, picked up high-temp grease for brake adjusters
* Greased front end.  Only the lower ball joints and the idler arm have grease fittings.
* A thinner 7/16" box-end wrench is necessary to remove the u-joint retainer nuts.
* Replaced fuel pump.
* Topped off ATF.  Total: 5.75 quarts to refill after filter cleaning.
* Replaced master cylinder (pedal free play not done, and no light switch until I'm ready to bleed)
* Attempted to install RR axle seal: it's the wrong size.  We need OD = 2.035", we got OD = 2.065.  Bad.
* Acquired coil bracket (three stores, two junkyards!) and mounted
* Replaced RF brake cylinder & hose: perfect fit
* Removed RR axle & seal; found/made seal installer tool (kitchen sink drain pipe)
* Removed fuel pump, cleaned gasket surface; need to get more gasket sealer.

* Received parts from Mac's
* Installed new AT pan gasket, added 5 qts ATF
* Installed new FlameThrower coil, retimed engine (was only off by 2°); found coil bracket is cracked, and it doesn't look like it is an original Falcon bracket. I'll try to find one tomorrow.
* Reinstalled ignition switch & lubed: works great.
* Purchased new SS bolts for the new wheel cylinders, silicone brake fluid, wheel brg packer tool, brake switch installer socket (mine were stolen).

* Received $400 MO from David
* Installed & tested the reconditioned tailgate window limit switch.
* Repaired the tailgate window right lift roller
* Finished installing the Pertronix wiring (waiting only for the new coil and retiming, reinstall ign switch)
* Looked into electric cooling fan fitment: looks like plenty of room between grille & radiator support for 16" fan.

* Falcon Enterprises order arrived: brake hose clips, brake shoe holddown spring kits, antenna, used tailgate window limit switch.
* Repairing original limit switch; it looks to be in better shape than the replacement, just a bit of corrosion.  See Limit Switch page.

* Picked up wiring supplies for finishing the Pertronix install.

* AMSOil ATF order arrived at correct location.
* Transmission pan removed & cleaned; confirmed that AT filter is cleanable unit.
* Installed replacement Pertronix Ignitor.  Will retime engine when the new coil arrives.  Will connect Ignitor to ignition switch Saturday, I think.

* The transmission filter is apparently not a normally replaced item; it is a screen, which is normally cleaned and reinstalled for service.  I will confirm this when I remove the oil pan (probably Saturday).
* The replacement Pertronix Ignitor has arrived, new part No. 12660.
* Mac's finally replied to my emails:
1)  . . . the brake light switch that screws into the master cylinder in C1AZ-13480-A. It sells for $7.95 and we have it in stock.  . . .
2) . . . the COAZ-2140-B master cylinder comes with the rubber boot
3) . . . U shaped brake hose clip, our part number is V2814 . . .  $.90 each
4) . . . We do not have either the transmission screen or an antenna.

Thank you.

Mike Rovillo
Research & Catalog Department Manager
Mac's Antique Auto Parts

So, you'll have to get the antenna from someone else; let me know if you're going to get the trans filter, or if I should get one locally (if possible).

* AMSOil was delivered to the billing address, instead of shipping address; a call to them sorted it out (they have the paperwork correct, but for some reason it still shipped wrong).  They will pick up the goods at the wrong address and reship the order to the correct address.  They also confirmed the new, correct order total: $55.46.

* Macs has not returned my email.
* Pertronix has "just" shipped the replacement unit; should arrive Thurs, 03-Aug.
UPS tracking No. 1z9253380348973167
* The U-joints are loose, the front especially.  I recommend that they be replaced.  I can do this, if you buy the joints.
* The rear axle seals do leak a bit, though not dramatically.  I am willing to replace them if you buy them.
* The RF wheel bearings are OK.  Only one roller is scratched, that I can see, and it's OK by my standards.
* Brakes sizes are measured: see Parts section.
* I have determined that the reason that the electric tailgate window will not raise via the dash switch or the rear key switch is a defective limit switch; bypassing it restores function, and the switch tests intermittant out of circuit.  See Limit Switch

You can now proceed to order parts.  Outstanding questions for Mac's are:

* Do they offer the complete antenna assy?
* Does the master cylinder come with the plastic rod boot?
* Do they offer the brake hose clips?
* Do they offer the transmission filter?
* Do they offer the brake hold down springs for 9" brakes?

I have sent Mac's off a three emails (since Fri, 28-Jul), regarding:

* Do they offer the complete antenna assy?
* Does the master cylinder come with the plastic rod boot?
* Do they offer the brake hose clips?
* Do they offer the transmission filter?
* Do they offer a brake light switch?

I expect an answer back Monday, or I'll call them.  If they don't carry those items, who will be your second choice vendor?

Monday, 31-Jul, I will be pulling the brake drums off, measuring:
        Brake shoe width & diameter
        Front grease seal OD
        Wheel cylinder diameter

Once I get the brake parts sizes, I'll update the list below.
I have added an ignition coil to the list; it died (see my Pertronix page for details).

Other things I need to do:
        Check tailgate relay, see if easy fix. Done
         Look for rear axle drain plug. Done; there is none.
         Check rear axle seal for leakage while drums are off. Done
         Visual inspect u-joints. Done: needs 'em.
        Order synthetic ATF from AMSoil. Done
        (fix Ethan's printer) (laundry) Done
        Locate Pertronix feed wire and photograph.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of the replacement Pertronix Ignitor.  I expect that UPS will try to deliver it Monday, 31-Jul, but will fail because I gave them the home address, and I likely won't be here, so I'll probably get it Tuesday.

Parts Section
Ship all parts to:
Attn: A. Savage
Computerland of Bellingham
1100 N State St #2
Bellingham, WA  98225-5014

These folks (my former employers) are across the street from me, are open all day, and can accept packages even when I'm not around.  A good combination.  If you try to ship anything to my address, invariably I will end up having to drive six miles and stand in a queue to get it.

Brake specifications:
    Brakes are 2.25" wide x 9" diameter.
    Front wheel cylinder diameter is 1.0625 (1-1/16")
    Rear wheel cylinder diameter is 0.8125 (13/16")
    Front wheel seal OD is 2.0625 (2-1/16")

Front wheel cylinder (new) (estimate was (2) x (34 to 38 each) = $76)
  Macs: C5DZ-2061-A, (2) @

Rear wheel cylinder (new) (estimate was (2) x (24 to 52 each) = $104)
  Macs: C3DZ-2261-A, (2) @ $27.95

Master cylinder (new)
  Dennis Carpenter:  C3AZ-2140B $92
  Macs: COAZ-2140-B, 1" bore  $69.95
    (Comes with boot OA-2180)

Front brakes shoes, (estimate was $35)
  Macs: C3DZ-2001-ST, $29.95 + $20 core charge

Rear brake shoes, (estimate was $35)
  Macs: C3DZ-2001-ST, $29.95 + $20 core charge

Emergency brake lever-to-shoe clip
  Macs: 91A-2106, (2) x 0.35 = $0.70

Brake hose clips, set of (3), $2.95
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=78-2814, $2.95
  Macs: V2814, (3) x $0.90 = $2.70

Front wheel seals (2)
  Macs: C1DZ-1190-A, (2) x $5 = $10

Cotter pin for front wheel brgs, (2)
  Macs: 72054-S, (2) x $0.50 = $1.00

Brake hoses (3)
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=B7A-2078-A, (3) @ 15.95 = $47.85
  Macs: B7AZ-2078-AR, (3) @ $19.95 = $59.85

Brake Adjuster hardware kit (2), LH
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=H2516, $7.50
  Macs: C3DZ-2A177-KT, (2) x $9.95 = $18.90

Brake Adjuster Assy. (2), RH
  Macs: C4UZ-2041-A, (2) x $5.75 = $11.50

Brake Adjuster hardware kit (2), RH
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=H2517, $7.50
  Macs: C3DZ-2A176-KT, (2) x $9.95 = $18.90

Brake Adjuster Assy. (2), LH
  Macs: C4TZ-2041-A, (2) x $5.75 = $11.50

Brake Adjuster cable (4), not included in "hardware kits" above.
  Macs: C3DZ-2A178-A, (2) x $2.45 = $4.90

Brake Shoe Return spring kit (4)
  Macs: C3DZ-2035-KT, (4) x $4.95 = $19.80

Brake Shoe Adjuster spring kit (4)
  Macs: C3DZ-2049-K, (4) x $1.45 = $5.80

Brake holddown hardware kit, (4)
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=H7047, $8.50 (front)
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=H7048, $8.50 (rear)
  Macs: I cannot find the hold down springs for 9" brakes on their site; you will have to ask.

Brake light switch
  Dennis Carpenter:01A-13480, $5
  Macs: C1AZ-13480-A, $7.95

Silicone brake fluid, 2 qts. @ about $20/qt = $40

Fuel pump
  Dennis Carpenter:  C3AZ-9350-V, $47.50
  Macs: DOTZ-9350-B, $49.95

Fuel filter element
  Falcon Enterprises:
    http://falconparts.com/displayfaq.asp?PRODUCT_ID=C4AZ-9365-A, $4.45
  Macs: C4AZ-9365-M, $3.95

Transmission pan gasket
  Macs: B9AZ-7A191-B, $5.95

Transmission filter
  Macs: none listed, emailed request 28-Jul.
  (later found out that the filter is an item that you just clean and put back in)

Ignition coil: four choices (my choice would be the first one)
  Macs: Pertronix Flamethrower, black body 12029-40011 $34.95
  Macs: Pertronix Flamethrower, Chrome body 12029-40001 $38.95
  Macs: Stock (I guess) B6A-12029-M $35.95
  Macs: Stock replacement B6A-12029-B $18.95

Radio Antenna C0DF-18919-A $52.50 (Carpenter)
  Macs: none listed, emailed request 28-Jul.

Synthetic ATF  8 qts. @ 8.50/qt.

Rear Axle seals
  Macs: C1DZ-1177-A , (2) x $14.75 = $29.50
  (later found that the rear axle is from a car, not a wagon; different seals)

Tailgate Window Limit Switch
  Macs: not listed.
  The number on the switch is C0DF-14A011-C (Limit Switch page)
  It lives in the tailgate's jamb on the right side.  Call Ford dealer and determine if available.

  Macs: 4635-UJ835, (2) x $12.95 = $25.90

Original summary (figures rounded up, less tax & shipping):

Brakes: $465 (includes new master cylinder)
Fuel pump: $55
Engine oil change: $40
Transmission oil change: $100
Antenna: $55

Total: $715

Gas for the trip would be about (2200 miles / 20 mpg) x 1.80/gal =

Expenses to date:

Date Item Amount
25-Jul-2000 Oil, Castrol Syntec, 6 qts. @4.40/qt 26.40
25-Jul-2000 Oil filter, NAPA 1515  ?
25-Jul-2000 Starter Solenoid, NAPA ST81
24-Jul-2000 Radio transistors
31-Jul-2000 ATF, AMSOil (tax & shipping incl.) (I expect this figure to go down on their invoice, when it's reviewed.)
02-Aug-2000 ATF order amount correction (new total is $55.46)
04-Aug-2000 Connectors, Gumout carb. cleaner, Castrol cleaner (Schuck's)
05-Aug-2000 Wiring supplies (wire, connectors)
11-Aug-2000 Brake fluid, DOT-5 Silicone, NAPA, 1 pt, and brake switch socket (B'ham store)
Socket for brake light switch, KD,  NAPA (B'ham store)
Brake fluid, DOT-5 Silicone, NAPA, 2 pts, (Lynden store)
13-Aug-2000 Gasket sealer for fuel pump (Shuck's)
14-Aug-2000 Special 7/16" box-end wrench for u-joints, and new nuts (Hardware Sales)
High-temp grease for brake adjusters (NAPA)
15-Aug-2000 Synthetic grease for u-joints & front wheel brgs, & rear axle seals (NAPA)
19-Aug-2000 Fuel line & clamps (NAPA)
21-Aug-2000 Carb kit & headlight switch (NAPA)
22-Aug-2000 Carb cleaner x 2 (Schucks)
Postage for Mac's cores + insurance
24-Aug-2000 Valve cover gasket, & hose clamp for tank vent hose (NAPA, Blaine)
25-Aug-2000 Carb cleaner x 2 (Schucks)
26-Aug-2000 Carb cleaner x 3 (Wal-Mart)
27-Aug-2000 Six-pack of Syntec (Costco)
Fuel filter (NAPA)

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