Fuel tank filler hose,
Fuel gauge sending unit

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Al Savage <asavage@iname.com>

I had to replace the filler hose on this '63 wagon.  The Ranchero is the same under here.

'63 Wagon/Ranchero fuel filler hose, the bad one still installed '63 Wagon/Ranchero fuel filler hose, the bad one still installed
It really leaked a lot!

Closeup of old fuel filler hose

Old fuel filler hose and new replacement, side by side.
The OEM hose has about a 30° bend in it.

This shows the hose that Falcon Enterprises sold me as a replacement.  It's a universal replacement solution, but they don't tell you that.  This section of hose was sold as C0DZ-9047-C, for $37.50, plus shipping.

New fuel filler hose part number closeup
I called my local NAPA, and asked them how much 18" of hose No. 1130 (2" ID) would cost: $28.  If you don't need the original, molded hose, buy it from NAPA!

I had to trim about 2" to get the right length.

Fuel filler hose pic from Dearborn Classics catalog
This is what I had expected to receive.  Formed, prebent.  Live & learn!

Crusty old fuel gauge sending unit & screen
Crusty old fuel gauge sending unit & screen
The fuel gauge was anchored to "E", and the reason was the float: it had a leak and was full of gas.

You can readily get another float from any '60s Ford.  My favorite is a Ford truck, because you can remove them easily: they're at the top of the tank, right behind the seat.

Mid-60's Dodge trucks use the same float.  They are easy to remove, as they snap right off of the arm.

Crusty old fuel gauge sending unit & screen
This is some of the "mud" that was in my gas tank.  I removed about a gallon of solids from the tank, and that was using just  a water hose and nozzle.  This crud wouldn't go down the funnel, which has a 5/16 hole!  This batch has been draining for 10 minutes.
Drawings of fuel gauge sending unit, lock ring, gasket
photo copyright Mac's Antique Auto Parts
retouching of sender base by A. Savage

fuel gauge sending unit float
picture courtesy Falcon Enterprises

Red arrow left A new float looks like this (click on picture for larger).
New ones are $7-9 from anybody.  The Dearborn Classics catalog implies that these fit '60-79 Ford products.

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