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AIR CLEANER AIR CONDITIONING Maintenance and Test Procedures Operation Trouble Shooting Unit Repairs AXLE Differential Case and Drive Pinion Assembly Disassembly Drive Pinion Assembly and Installation Inspection after Removal and Disassembly Inspection Before Removal Installation Removal Drive Line Repair Drive Pinion Oil Seal Replacement Gear Tooth Contact Pattern Check Housing Replacement Shim Selection Trouble Shooting BATTERY Charging Tests BODY General Maintenance Paint Refinishing Panel Repair Sealers amd Application Underbody Dimensions BRAKES Hydraulic Adjustments Brake Cylinder Overhaul Drum Refinishing Drum Removal and Installation Line Replacement Manual Bleeding Master Cylinder Repair Pedal Adjustment Pressure Bleeding Shoe Relining Trouble Shooting Parking Adjustments Cable Adjustment Repair Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation Trouble Diagnosis Guide CIRCUIT BREAKER CLUTCH Equalizer Bar and Bracket Replacement Flywheel Housing Replacement Interlock Adjustment Parts Inspection Pedal Adjustment Pedal Replacement Pilot Bushing Replacement Removal and Installation Trouble Shooting COIL COMPRESSION TEST--ENGINE CONDENSER CONNECTING ROD Bearings Cleaning and Inspection Replacement Cleaning and Inspection Removal and Installation COOLING SYSTEM General Maintenance Trouble Diagnosis CRANKSHAFT Installation Pulley Removal CYLINDER BLOCK Cleaning and Inspection Refinishing Cylinder Walls CYLINDER FRONT COVER Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Replacement Removal and Installation CYLINDER HEAD Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation DECK LID Adjustment Hinge Replacement Lock Cylinder Replacement Torsion Bar Replacement DEFROSTER Control Cable Replacement Nozzle Replacement Trouble Diagnosis Shaft, Wheel Bearing, and Oil Seal Replacement DISTRIBUTOR Adjustments Breaker Points Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation CAMSHAFT Bearings Replacement Cleaning and Inspection Lobe Lift Rear Bearing Bore Plug Replacement Removal and Installation CARBURETOR Adjustments Cleaning and Inspection DOORS Locks Front Door Lock Replacement Inside Door Handle Replacement Lock Cylinder Replacement Rear Door Lock Replacement Striker Plate Adjustment Outside Handle Replacement DRIVE BELT ENGINE Assembly Description Disassembly Removal and Installation Supports Tests and Adjustments Trouble Diagnosis EXHAUST SYSTEM IGNITION SYSTEM Switch and Lock Cylinder Tests Timing Trouble Diagnosis and Testing INSTRUMENTS Charge Indicator Light Fuel Gauge Oil Pressure Indicator Light Speedometer Temperature Gauge INTERIOR TRIM Door Trim Panel Replacement Headlining Instrument Panel Safety Cover Quarter Panel Trim Replacement JACKING FAN REPLACEMENT FENDER REPLACEMENT FLYWHEEL Inspection Removal and Installation Ring Gear Replacement FUEL FILTER REPLACEMENT FUEL LINE REPLACEMENT FUEL PUMP AND VACUUM BOOSTER Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation Tests and Trouble Diagnosis FUEL SENDING UNIT FUEL SYSTEM Trouble Diagnosis and Testing FUEL LINE REPLACEMENT FUEL TANK REPLACEMENT FUSES GENERATOR Armature Replacement Assembly Brush Replacement Cleaning and Inspection Commutator Turning Disassembly Polarizing Removal and Installation Tests Trouble Diagnosis GRILLE REPLACEMENT HEATER Blower Replacement Blower Switch Replacement Control Cable Replacement Core Replacement Current Draw Test Replacement Trouble Diagnosis HOISTING HOOD HORNS Adjustment Button Contact Replacement Replacement Ring Replacement Test Trouble Diagnosis LIGHTS Bulb Replacement Headlight Alignment Switch Replacement Dome Headlight Headlight Beam Control Stop Light Trouble Diagnosis MAIN BEARING REPLACEMENT MAINTENANCE AND LUBRICATION PROCEDURE GUIDE MAINTENANCE AND LUBRICATION QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Exhaust Manifold Cleaning and Inspection Removal and Installation Intake Vacuum Test MUFFLER REPLACEMENT OIL FILTER REPLACEMENT OIL PAN OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT OIL PUMP PISTON Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Fitting Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation PISTON PIN Cleaning and Inspection Removal and Installation Cleaning and Inspection Fitting Removal and Installation POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENTILATION POWER WINDOW (TAILGATE) PUSH RODS Runout RADIATOR RADIO Antenna Replacement Minor Repairs Replacement Speaker Replacement Trouble Diagnosis REGULATOR Adjustments Operation Replacement Specifications Temperature Compensation Tests Trouble Diagnosis RESISTANCE WIRE Replacement Test SEATS Back and Cushion Replacement Futura Front Seat Seat Cover and / or Pad Replacement Tie Rod Adjustment SHOCK ABSORBERS SPARK PLUGS SPARK PLUG WIRE REPLACEMENT SPECIFICATIONS SPRING, FRONT SPRING, REAR STARTER Drive Repair Tests Trouble Diagnosis STEERING Adjustments Gear Repair Trouble Checks Adjustments Alignment Front Suspension Lower Arm Replacement Repair Spring Replacement Upper Arm Replacement Upper Ball Joint Replacement Inspection Rear Suspension Repair Specifications Stabilizer Replacement Trouble Diagnosis TAILGATE TAPPET REPLACEMENT TEMPERATURE SENDING UNIT THERMOSTATS Fordomatic Manual-Shift Transmission TIMING CHAIN AND SPROCKETS TIRES Maintenance TOOLS, SPECIAL Fordomatic Transmission Adjustments Converter Checks Identification Lubrication Overhaul Trouble Checks Replacement Trouble Shooting Manual-Shift Transmission Gear Shift Linkage Overhaul Removal and Installation Trouble Shooting TURN INDICATOR VALVES Installation Reconditioning Removal VALVE LASH ADJUSTMENT VALVE ROCKER ARM SHAFT ASSEMBLY Cleaning and Inspection Disassembly and Assembly Removal and Installation VENTILATION--POSITIVE CRANKCASE Maintenance WATER PUMP WHEELS WHEEL BEARINGS WINDOWS Back Window Replacement Door Window, Front Door Window, Rear Quarter Window Tailgate Window Vent Window Windshield Replacement WINDSHIELD WIPERS imagemap
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