Early ('60-63) Ford Falcon Rear Axle Info

Some pages from various manuals
60-62 Axle Ratios More Axle Ratios Rear Axle Ratio chart, 1963 only.  Source: Factory Shop Manual reprint, supplement pg 6
Rear Axle Lubricant Capacity

There are SIX different axle housings for the '60-62 Falcons.

Falcon Shop Manual, pg 7-6

Falcon Shop Manual, pg 7-7

Al Savage <asavage@iname.com>

The rear axle seals for the Sedan are not the same as for the Wagon/Ranchero/SD.

The (early, Six cylinder) Sedan rear axle uses C0DW-1177-A, CR11533, NAPA 11533, OD = 2.035 (2-1/32") ('61-65 ?)

The (early, Six cylinder) Ranchero/Wagon/Sedan Delivery uses C1DZ-1177-A, OD = 2.065 (2-1/16") ('61-65 ?)

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