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Larry W. Blum, Jr. <>

Rangers, Bronco IIs and Explorers use the Ford passenger car lug spacing
which is the same as the V8 Falcons.  Good luck in your search for rear

Bob Santer <>

The Explorer uses the 5 on 4.5 pattern like we do.

DOT-5 brake fluid ripoff

1963 9 Right Front (Six)
1963 9" Right Front, Six cylinder
Bleeding setup
One setup for one-man brake bleeding.  Use clear 3/16" ID tubing, which fits well on the bleeder screws.  Position the clear container at or above the wheel cylinder, use some device to keep the tube in the container, and watch the tubing for the absence of bubbles, while operating the brake pedal.

The trick is to keep the end of the line submerged in the container.

With a section of the line above the level of the bleeder screw, air will tend to leave the wheel cylinder even when you're not pumping fluid.

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