1960 Ford Falcon 2dr Wagon
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This rig is located in Portland, Ore., at 19th and about SE Hawthorne.  Today (03-May-2000) I took a detour returning from my neighborhood hardware store, and espied this one.  "Phil" owns both this one and a brown (originally green) '63 fordor sedan (170/Fordomatic), which is his driver these days.  Just goes to show that they're out there.

This wagon is not his daily driver anymore, though it used to be.  170 Six & (previous-owner-installed 4 speed?) w/aftermarket floor shifter, it has been around, but is still loved.  Phil can't decide whether to spend his upcoming income tax refund on a new paint job for the driver, or getting this one running.  One or the other might be up for sale in the future.
'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, lt front 3/4 profile

'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, rt fender
'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, lt rear 3/4 profile
Original Oregon plates from the early 60's, though it doesn't have the "Pacific Wonderland" plates that I covet ('60-63?).  The rear bumper is pretty tweaked.
'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, lt front fender crunch

Is this rocker trim an original trim piece?  I haven't seen it before.
'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, lt rear rocker rustout closeup
The Northwest weather has found this one.  Numerous small scrapes and dents are part of city life, and most 40 year old cars in Portland look similar.
'60 Falcon 2dr Wagon, grille closeup

A better look at the '60 grillwork.  Bumper is presentable.  Aftermarket pinstriping is not unusual for a non-Deluxe, non-Futura model.

It has the "Brands" rear seat pattern in brown, which I had not seen in person before, and which I hope to photograph later.  The front seat is a correct 2dr/Ranchero split bench, but it evidently from a different rig, as it's a different color.  Interior is ratty original, other than the shifter.

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